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Principles of AFNR

Course Description: This course is the foundation for each of the agriculture-related Programs of Study (Animal Science, Plant Science,
Applied Ag Engineering, and Environmental & Natural Resources). It prepares students for careers in the fields of
agriculture, food, and natural resources. The emphasis is on career opportunities, personal development, globalization,
industry standards, details, practices, and expectations. By the end of this course, students will have completed their
Quality Counts Verification. After experiencing activities related to the many areas of agriculture in this course, students
will be prepared to select and pursue a Program of Study that most matches their personal and career goals.
      ♦ 1 credit, Grades 9 – 10
      ♦ Required of all 9th/10th graders wanting to take an Ag course
      ♦ Lab supplies or fee may be required.

Course Topics:

  • Demonstrate agricultural and personal business management
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication skills
  • Develop skills necessary for agriculture leadership
  • Apply appropriate research methods to agricultural topics
  • Apply basic science and mathematical skills
  • Safely perform basic skills in agricultural applications
  • Explain the relationship between agriculture and the environment

Certification Offered:

  • Quality Counts



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